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Sandman - Decaf

Sandman - Decaf

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Here’s Sandman, the Colombian sugarcane decaf blend crafted for those who cherish both coffee and a restful night's sleep. A lot of people tell us this is the best decaf coffee they’ve ever had. 

With hints of cocoa, honey, and sweet fruits, this brew promises a flavourful journey without so much of the risk of getting the caffeine jitters.

Embrace a healthier relationship with coffee while indulging in the rich flavours of Sandman, a coffee designed to let you savour every sip without so much of the caffeine rush.

More detail: 

Roast Profile: Medium/Light 

This exceptional coffee stems from our roaster’s collaboration with LaREB and Ana Mustafa, highlighting a commitment to quality and sustainability. Ana spearheads the LaREB cooperative alongside Herbert and other esteemed producers, aiming to assist smaller or less experienced members with production guidance and professional quality control. Their direct exportation of coffee from farmers bolsters the supply chain and enhances value retention for producers, with Ana's coffees contributing significantly to LaREB's financial and production metrics. 

The sugar cane decaffeination process employed is often referred to as a natural process decaf, leveraging Ethyl Acetate, a naturally occurring compound found in fruits' fermentation. Sourced from the southern region of Palmira, Colombia, the ethyl acetate utilized is derived from fermented sugarcane, with water sourced from the Navado el Ruis. Initially, coffee undergoes steaming to enhance porosity and initiate caffeine hydrolysis, typically bonded to salts and chlorogenic acid. Subsequent submersion in an ethyl acetate solvent removes approximately 97% of the caffeine, followed by a final steam to eliminate residual traces, resulting in a residue level of ≥ 30 ppm, significantly lower than that of a banana. 

This meticulous decaffeination process ensures the retention of the coffee's flavour integrity while reducing caffeine content, offering a refined and sustainable alternative for coffee enthusiasts. The collaboration between LaREB, Ana Mustafa, and our dedication to ethical sourcing and quality control underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences while prioritizing environmental and social responsibility. 

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