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Revive & Survive

Revive & Survive

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Start your morning off right with Revive & Survive - the coffee that understands those "morning after" moments.

While Revive & Survive certainly isn't a magical cure for a hangover, it's certainly the right coffee to help you navigate through the groggy aftermath. With its enticing notes of dark cocoa, malts, and the delightful touch of cinder toffee, this blend provides a comforting and flavorful experience that eases you into the day ahead.

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Roast Profile: Dark 

Our roasters dedicated significant effort to curate a unique blend comprising coffees from Brazil, El Salvador, and Kenya. Dark roast blends with specialty coffee are relatively uncommon, making our offering distinctive. Through meticulous development, we've crafted a high-quality specialty coffee blend that delivers bold, punchy dark roast flavors. 

This blend offers a rich tapestry of flavors, including bold notes complemented by nutty undertones, luscious caramel hints, and indulgent chocolate overtones. It stands out for its robust and intense profile, setting it apart from more conventional blends. Our commitment to quality ensures a memorable coffee experience with every sip. 

With meticulous attention to detail, we've ensured that this blend strikes the perfect balance between depth of flavor and intensity. The combination of beans from Brazil, El Salvador, and Kenya harmonizes to create a coffee that embodies the essence of dark roast indulgence while retaining the hallmarks of specialty coffee excellence. 

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